What Is Serverless?

Why Serverless?

Since the inception of computers, there’s been a workflow; take software and run it on hardware. That hardware was mainframes, computers, and servers. The hardware had software running on it, which was an operating system. Eventually, those operating systems had software running on top of them. As you can imagine, and may even deal with in today’s world, there are a lot of hoops to jump through to get an application on a computer or server. It’s essentially a bottleneck for developers.

Benefits To Engineers

With the idea becoming more mainstream, developers and engineers have a ton of benefits.

Getting Started With Lambda Functions

Now that you know why serverless is important in today’s world and how it can make your life easier, let’s talk about how to get started with Lambda today.

Create A Function

Next, click on the orange Create function button.

  • Author from scratch: You put the code in that you wrote. It’s 100% your customization.
  • Use a blueprint: Use sample code
  • Container image: Deploy a Docker container as a Lambda function
  • Browse serverless app repository: Deploy an app that someone else already configured

Run A Function

With the Lambda function created, it’s time to give it a run!



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Michael Levan


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