VSM Is The New Way To Measure DevOps

What is VSM

Let’s think of a few things that engineers do (this is by all means not an exhaustive list. I’m just using these as an example):

  • Work on tickets via some Kanban board like Jira
  • Run CICD pipelines
  • Commit and push code to source control repositories
  • Lots of troubleshooting

Why is VSM Important

Engineering leadership and management have been micro-managers for years. Assuming that they all don’t enjoy it (and I really hope they don’t), there’s a reason for them being that way. That reason is because it’s ridiculously hard to measure value in say, someone testing and troubleshooting one CICD pipeline. For example, an engineer could spend the entire day working on a pipeline. Troubleshooting dependencies that are missing in some Python code, figuring out why builds aren’t passing, working with development teams to troubleshoot, spinning up and spinning down test environments, writing and pushing code, all for one pipeline. When a manager who isn’t technical or forgot that engineering takes time may look at this and say how is it possible that it’s taking this long? I thought these pipelines were supposed to make us go faster and be more agile (insert more buzz words here).

  • How many code pushes were done for the dependencies in the Python code
  • The pipeline analytics
  • The tickets being worked on, how long they took, and what was done

VSM Products

Below are a list of VSM products that you can take a look at it to get started on your journey.



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Michael Levan


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