Hybrid Cloud Is Here to Stay

At First It Was “No Cloud”

Many engineers and administrators will remember when virtualization started coming out. There were several people in datacenters saying something along the lines of this whole virtualization thing is cool for testing, but we’ll never use it in production.

Then It Was “Cloud For All”

I believe it was somewhere around 2014-early 2016 that we started to see practically zero messaging around Systems Administrator in the standard infrastructure sense and more of the “CLOUD WILL BE IN EVERYONE’S HOME” talk. There was no more talk about Windows Server or Active Directory.

Hybrid Cloud Is Here

The “big 3” cloud organizations caught on and realized that it’s not a reality to have most large organizations move everything to the cloud. For startups and small organizations, sure, it makes sense. Why? Because there’s no reason for a startup to run an application on-prem and handle the data center costs when they can pop the code into AWS Lambda or an EC2 instance.

  • Azure == Azure Stack HCI
  • GCP == Google Anthos
  • AWS == AWS Outposts

Closing Thoughts

Cloud is here to stay, but so is on-prem. There’s not going to be a reality for a long time that has zero on-prem in it. In one way or another, many large organizations will always have something on-prem.



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Michael Levan

Michael Levan


Leader in Kubernetes consulting, research, and content creation ┇AWS Community Builder (Dev Tools Category)┇ HashiCorp Ambassador