DevOps vs SRE: What’s The Difference?

Title Janga

Titles are like Janga. Constantly changing, evolving, and the playing field is always being altered. One wrong move and we’ll have ourselves a DevGitSecurityKubernetesDockerNetworkingCloudTerraform Engineer.

  • Cloud experience
  • CICD experience
  • Some container and orchestration experience
  • Infrastructure-as-Code/Configuration Management experience
  • Scripting experience
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting experience


You’ll hear debates about this topic a lot in the SRE space — should we follow Google’s definition of an SRE?

  • Google created the SRE, which means they definitely know what the role should be.
  • Google has constantly strived for perfection from the SRE role and has succeeded.
  • The definition is really spot on and it works.
  • Monitoring systems
  • Monitoring application performance
  • Fixing on-call issues that may occur. This means figuring out why the issue occurred and fix it.
  • Conduct blameless post mortems
  • Write code for automation and create internal tools primarily in Python, Go, and using Infrastructure-as-Code.
  • All of the DevOps duties (CICD, automation, etc.). The idea is to use automation to make everything repeatable.

The DevOps Engineer

In the previous section, The SRE, you probably thought to yourself a lot of that overlaps with what DevOps is, and you’re absolutely correct.

  • CICD
  • Infrastructure-as-Code
  • Automation
  • Cloud management
  • Scripting

What Direction Should You Go In?

The question of which direction you should go in is one that no one can answer for you, but there’s a pretty easy way to find out which.



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Michael Levan


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